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Pets are an awful lot like kids... and just like our children, they're curious! Also like youngsters, pets don't always listen. Sometimes this means they end up eating something they weren't supposed to. Even when they are behaving and being the perfect angel, sometimes they just have eyes bigger than their esophagus! In these instances, just like with us, they choke. It's scary! Just like with people, our first instinct may be to stick our hands in their mouth to try to free their airway... but that's dangerous! 

RangerAid Pet Care wants to help you save your pet. Just like with CPR, we want to empower you with understanding the pet hemlich manuever that is most effective for your species of fur/scale/feather child! So we went hoofing/pawing/clawing around until we got answers, and now, we have a laminated card just for you! Take it camping or mount it to the fridge! Now, you can safely help your pet free themselves from frightening choking situations.

RangerAid Pet Emergency Heimlich Maneuver Card


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