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  • What can my kit treat?
    Your RangerAid kit is designed and supplied with treating minor and mid-level wounds in mind. For example, minor or medium severity cuts, stings, scrapes, and bites, (no cut arteries or deep punctures/bites/lacerations). However, please keep in mind that this kit is NOT a substitution for veterinary care, which the RangerAid Pet Care famliy always recommends in the event of injury or illness. RangerAid Kits are made to assist in first aid response to give your pet more time and comfort to reach the care of a trained veterinarian. RangerAid is NOT RESPONSIBLE for worsening of injuries or illness of a pet leading up to and through death of the pet. Please ALWAYS have your injured or ill pet seen immediately after requiring emergency first aid.
  • What kinds of pets can use RangerAid Products?
    All kinds! While Ranger himself is a Labernese K9, his big sister is a Domestic Shorthair feline, and we celebrate all forms of adventure pets, to ferrets, horses, birds, reptiles, and more!
  • How do I know these products are safe for my pet?
    Great question! Here at RangerAid, we understand that there are many first aid supplies we humans use that simply aren't made for animals. To keep from including anything unsafe, we double check all ingredients of every product, and have compared our products and their quality to the reccomendations of the ASPCA.
  • Do you offer discounts for multiple pets/kits?
    We do! We understand that many families blend all colors, skin, and fur types! We celebrate large families, and offer 15% off for purchases of 3 or more kits. We additionally offer free shipping for all US orders over $50.00.
  • Do you offer a Military/Teacher (Service/Other) discount?
    Yup! We love our teachers, and we REALLY LOVE their pets! We know how important pets are to decompress from stress, and Teachers definitely benefit. We are honored to offer 20% off to Teachers. We love our active and retired military, and SUPER ADORE their pets! We know how important pets are to decompress from stress, and military personelle and veterans definitely benefit. We are honored to offer 25% off to veterans and active military. Search & Rescue, Active Military K9s, & Active First Responding Animals? We love our SR teams, our bomb sniffing dogs, and our TSA service animals. We are incredibly honored and proud to offer 50% off to animals currently serving in SR, Military K9 units, Police k9 units, Police Equestrian Units, TSA K9s, and more! What about my service animal? YES!!! We are a service animal family too. We understand how critical pets can be to those battling mental and physical battles; even the ones no one sees. We are honored to offer a 20% dicount for service and emotional support animals. TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT CODE, PLEASE CONTACT US!! We want to thank you, personally! Verification of qualification is required to receive discount codes
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Not at this time.
  • This seems REALLY simple. Can't I just make this myself?
    Sure! In fact, that's what RangerAid aims to empower fur families to do! We would absolutely love to be able to provide you all your pet first aid product needs, but we also know that there are a lot of products in our kits that are mirrored in your kits are home. For those items, it MAKES SENSE to grab them with your own items. RangerAid is here, however, to show you what is safe, and to get you started in the right direction. Do you know animal Heimlick? We want to empower you with more than what you'll find at the local health and first aid aisle, and we hope you agree that it's worth the investment for your fur baby!
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