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Our Story

RangerAid was born in response to our Labernese puppy being a bit of a disaster. Ranger is a bursting ball of energy, but completely afraid of his own shadow.

The ensuing chaos often results in an excited boy blasting out of the car way too hot, and eating it into a tree, the pavement, fellow park-goers... you name it- he's run snout-first into it. He's also tripped boop-first over it.

Sometimes this means he would be a bit banged up as a little boy, and when we discovered he had a copy of von Willebrand disease in his genes, we realized that keeping a first aid kit was more than just a solid Vet recommendation... it was imperative for our boy.

When I went hunting for one though, I was bummed. There were very few that were even marketed towards pets, and even fewer that took the time to compare their product to the recommendations of the ASPCA and other animal wellness organizations.

I got especially concerned when I noticed that alcohol wipes are strongly recommended against, and they're the go to filler for almost all first aid kit companies. 

That's why you won't find alcohol wipes in RangerAid kits. We wholeheartedly believe that our kits are for acute, emergency treatment when you are in a dangerous or urgent situation with your beloved furry, scaly, or feathery friend.

That's often when no help is around, and cell phones don't work. Do you know dog CPR? We didn't either.

But we want to empower you to take your fur child along, especially if it's an evacuation or other emergency, and know that if something happened, you are prepared to offer everything in your purview to give your pet that much longer until you reach a licensed veterinarian. 

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