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Store Policies

Customer Care

Our Customers, and their adventure pets, are why we're doing this. If you're not completely in love with your RangerAid product and the service you received, please let US know. Not the twitter-verse, not Insta, not facebook... though if you need to vent on those too, we do understand. But we can only get better if you bark at us, first. So please... just like puppies learning from the old dogs on the playground, if it's a real problem, a friendly nip is ok. It may be just the thing we needed to be the perfect product. Thank you for being a part of the RangerAid Family!

Privacy & Safety

We take our customer's privacy and financial safety EXREMELY seriously. If you are NOT comfortable making an online transaction, please reach out to us via email and lets connect with a phone call. We'd love to hear your voice, and we can set up an old fashion transaction that keeps you comfortable. Just like all our pets, we love all walks of life too. 


Own, work for, or just love your local pet play or boarding location? We love them too! We would LOVE to sponsor your park! We believe all pets should be able to be safe while playing, and we have designed a special Dog Park RangerAid kit specifically for public parks. Please contact us with the name of the park, location, and managing party (contact information helps too!) so we may reach out for permission and coordination of the placement of a RangerAid Park Kit!

Work for or Own a DoggyDay Care or Grooming Place? Wanna have our kits on hand, or even sell them? BoWOW! Reach out to us! ~ We Wanna PLAY!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments


Here at RangerAid,

our first and foremost concern is

keeping every pet safe, healthy, and happy

no matter who their pet parent is or what they believe...

With that in mind, we understand that many people are conscientious about the stances of companies they support on many important social issues.

RangerAid and the family behind it firmly believe that we, as humans, have the right to have different opinions. We also believe that it is not our right or personal responsibility to impart those opinions to our pet parent customers. 

By establishing our stances, we do not expect, demand, or intend for anyone to alter their own based on ours. Equally, we do not discriminate against a customer for having different stances or opinions than our own. 

We Believe:

Black Lives Matter

Love is Love

Native American Rights

Stopping Asian Discrimination

Supporting Ukraine

Women's Rights

These stances are not in order of importance or preference; They are in alphabetical order.

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