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This is a Pet Information Card designed to ensure your pet's information is available, even if you aren't. Whether they're at daycare, boarding, training, or even a pet sitter, make sure their lifesaving information is readily available in case of an emergency! Think of it as their version of the Medical ID card we have on our phones. 

All RangerAid Kits come with 2 Information cards automatically (because who could ever have one pet??), however we absolutely recommend having an individual card for every pet.

We also recommend that, once the information has been filled out, consider laminating your pet's information card for longer-term durability!

RangerAid Pet Information Card

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$2.00 Regular Price
$1.80Sale Price
  • Because of the nature of this product, only cards with no discernable damage or alterations can be returned.

    Cards that have been filled out, damaged, or altered in any way are inelgible for return.

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